DiscoverThe Rewind Movie PodcastJAWS (1975) - Episode 87
JAWS (1975) - Episode 87

JAWS (1975) - Episode 87

Update: 2022-06-09


I see you got your rubbers! We’re travelling to idyllic Amity Island (only an island if you look at it from the water) for a very memorable 4th of July to revisit the movie that immeasurably changed the cinematic landscape - Steven Spielberg’s all-conquering 1975 summer blockbuster JAWS.

New York City cop and aquaphobe-turned-island police chief Martin Brody (Roy Scheider) and his family’s first summer in Amity is tipped upside down when a charchariden charcharidas - a great white - starts terrorising the town’s beaches. The dollar-hungry mayor refuses to shut down the lucrative seafront despite a local skinny-dipper having been scoffed by the beast, but when a repeat attack in broad daylight claims the life of a local boy, a feeding frenzy of a different kind kicks off, as local fishermen vie to snag the shark but fail to land the big one. It’s left to Brody, hooch-soaked certifiable madman Quint (Robert Shaw) and soft-handed rich boy oceanographer Hooper (Richard Dreyfuss) to set out aboard the Orca and kill the monster once and for all.

Devout Jaws fanatic Matt looks back at one of cinema’s truly seminal moments alongside first mates Gali and Patrick, as we try to distill what alchemy resulted in its creation, why its resonance has persisted for so long, and take a personal perspective on how the film has impacted us and our love of cinema.

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JAWS (1975) - Episode 87

JAWS (1975) - Episode 87