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Ignite You w/ JB Owen

Ignite You w/ JB Owen

Update: 2022-01-18


In this episode, we invite JB Owen. JB is a fearless female leader & highly successful entrepreneur. She is driven to empower individuals in their own personal journeys to success. She is a world-class speaker, 17-time international best-selling author & powerful business owner.

What you will learn:

- What led JB to write her first book
- How is she helping others to share their story
- Sharing your ignite moments
- The difference between ignite impact moment and ignite inspiration moments
- Ignite impact and ignite inspiration moments from JB’s life
- How to work with Ignite You as an author
- JB’s opinion of AI writing tools
- Why do people fear public speaking
- How do authors transform after publishing their books
- JB’s experience of working with Les Brown
- Her mentorship program
- Her audio track ‘Affirmations Of Billionaire Mindset’

Mic Drop Moments:

🎤JB at (04:30 ) - Now what I do, helps 700 authors publish their stories, is I help people transform their lives because what happened to you in the past does not define what will happen to you in the future. And it’s very powerful when you tell your story in that way.

🎤JB at (07:15 ) - You get a new framework for what you once thought and that new framework makes you realize ”I can do this job, I can go after this, I’m smart enough, I have the skills, I have the tenacity. This doesn’t define me” And so that inspirational moment really actually refines you to go after what it is you want.

🎤JB at (08:25 ) - This huge transformation came where ‘rip that bad off my head.’ This is who I am. Show up being me. Be proud of who I am. And that allowed me to step into the greater version of me which is ultimately who God wants me to be. Not be impacted by somebody else’s story.

🎤JB at (12:12 ) - It’s just like you said, Tom Brady didn’t win the Super Bowl By having an AI like phone it in. You got to do the work yourself.

🎤JB at (17:28 ) - My motto is, everybody deserves to be heard, everybody deserves to be seen. We all deserve to be long and nobody gets left behind.

🎤JB at (21:30 ) - If you would go to, I’m giving it to all your listeners and viewers for free.

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Ignite You w/ JB Owen

Ignite You w/ JB Owen

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