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Jack Mullaney: The Heart of Coaching

Jack Mullaney: The Heart of Coaching

Update: 2023-11-16


Live from Dream Run Camp: An In-depth Conversation with Coach Jack Mullaney of The Hoka Northern Arizona Elite Team

In this episode, we welcome guest, Jack Mullaney, newly hired coach of the Hoka Northern Arizona Elite professional running team. Our conversation explores a variety of topics including Jack's coaching style and philosophy, the importance of building strong relationships and trust with athletes, his approach to drawing meaningful insights from data in training, and his thoughts on innovation in sport. Throughout the discussion, Jack emphasizes the importance of values in coaching, particularly his five principles of connection, competition, consistency, curiosity, and compassion. The conversation also touches upon the role of a coach in creating a space where athletes can be open and honest about their struggles and successes.

00:00 Introduction and Welcome

00:46 Introducing the Guest: Jack Mullaney

01:35 Jack's Perspective on the Team

02:23 The Importance of Good People in a Team

05:42 Jack's Background and Love for Reading

05:59 The Art of Coaching and Reading

07:02 The Role of Writing in Coaching

10:31 Jack's Unexpected Hiring

16:46 Jack's Values and Coaching Philosophy

20:55 Audience Questions Begin

21:01 Building Trust with Athletes

21:52 Importance of Structure and Scheduling

24:16 Authenticity in Coaching

36:48 Incorporating Data in Coaching Decisions

41:08 Potential of Writing a Book

43:05 Closing Remarks

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Jack Mullaney: The Heart of Coaching

Jack Mullaney: The Heart of Coaching