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Jake Evans Senior Associate, Holland & Knight on Business Developers Network

Jake Evans Senior Associate, Holland & Knight on Business Developers Network

Update: 2019-04-24


Jake Evans Senior Associate, Holland & Knight on Business Developers Network

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Becoming a lawyer takes hard work. Becoming a successful lawyer is even more challenging.

Law is a business, What most people do not realize is that for most attorneys, they are an independent business, and that is true whether they are sole practitioner or work in small firms, your value to the firm is relative to the revenue you generate for the firm and that is especially when they are working in large firms,

So, what does it take to succeed in law? If your ambition is to become an attorney, what path should you follow? Our guest, and my friend, Jake Evans will share his journey from law school to rising within the ranks of law firms in seven short years to become a senior associate at Holland & Knight, a global law firm with more than 1,300 lawyers.

Welcome Jake to the Business Developers Network broadcasting from Pro Business Channel studios in Buckhead, Atlanta.

Let me provide a brief bio for you so our listeners will get to know you:

Graduated with honors from University of Georgia undergrad and law school

Worked for 3 different law firms before becoming a senior associate at Holland & Knight; which is part of your journey we will learn about.

A senior associate at Holland & Knight representing individuals and corporate entities in matters involving complex litigation; government relations at the local, state, and national level; and general business law advice and counsel.

He has significant experience representing emerging and early-stage companies, where he carefully balances providing sufficient legal protection with ensuring adequate resources are available to push a company's product to market.

A rising star in Georgia's government and legal communities: Elected Chair of Georgia Government Transparency & Campaign Finance

And finds the time to give back: He volunteers to be on:
Executive Committee of Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
Georgia Indigent Representation Task Force

Before we follow your career path, tell a bit about Holland & Knight, which is a global law firm with more than 1,300 lawyers with expertise for providing representation in litigation, business, real estate and governmental law.

What brought you to the three law firms before joining Holland & Knight?

Did each in a way influence and prepare you for the next law firm?

What led you to move to different law firms.? This is an important question because one need to know when it is time to move on and not get stuck in a ‘comfortable’ rut.

Artie: I am a serial networker or NetWeaver as I like to be and that’s how I first met you, at a BBA social mixer. How important is networking for you and how much time do you devote to networking?

Networking is more than attending mixers. It was very smart of you when starting out to introduce yourself to incubator companies – as they grow so will your relationship with them.

Has any of them developed into the big time?

You also became involved in politics and government services. And it is good to give back by joining support organizations; and that can also develop relationships; can you share those experiences and in what way do they help grow your practice?

What opportunities are there to develop relations within a large firm like Holland & Knight?

What advice can you offer a young attorney starting out?

What advice can you offer an attorney who might be with a small firm and would like to join a much larger firm?

You have been practicing law for 7 years now, innovation affects every industry and innovation is moving faster than before; what do you see are differences in practicing law today than when you started out? For example, do you still need those old law books or is everything you need to research can be found more quickly online?

Where do you see innovation going in law in the next few years?

What is the trend in the market? Will there be a need for more attorneys than there are in law school today?

Professional firms traditionally earn revenue by the hour, which limits income potential to only 24 hours a day. What are other ways that law firms like Holland & Law can generate revenue other than by the hour?

What are the challenges facing individual lawyers today?

What are the challenges facing law firms today?

What changes do you see in law practice I the future?

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Jake Evans Senior Associate, Holland & Knight on Business Developers Network

Jake Evans Senior Associate, Holland & Knight on Business Developers Network

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