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Jamil Jivani: Activist & Author

Jamil Jivani: Activist & Author

Update: 2019-08-1826


Jamil Jivani (recorded 01/09/19) joins Dr. Jordan B. Peterson. Jamil is the author of, Why Young Men.

About Jamil's Book:

Jamil Jivani recounts his experiences working as a youth activist throughout North America and the Middle East, drawing striking parallels between ISIS recruits, gangbangers, and Neo-Nazis in the West.

Having narrowly escaped a descent into crime and gang violence in his native Toronto, Jivani has devoted his life to helping other at-risk youths avoid this fate in cities across North America. After the Paris terrorist attacks of 2016, he traveled to Europe and the Middle East to assist Muslim community outreach groups focused on deterring ISIS recruitment.

Why Young Men is the story of Jivani’s education as an activist on the front lines of one of today’s most dangerous and intractable problems: the explosion of violence among angry young men throughout the world. Jivani relates his personal story and describes his entrance into the community outreach movement, his work with disenfranchised people of color in North America and at-risk youth in the Middle East and Africa, and his experiences with the white working class. The reader learns along with him as he profiles a diverse array of young men and interviews those who are trying to help them, drawing parallels between these groups, refuting the popular belief that they are radically different from each other, and offering concrete steps toward countering this global trend.

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Comments (14)


This guys another liberal Ween!

Aug 22nd
Reply (2)

Ellen Tejan

Jamil is an inspiration. so high - acheiving and embodies a visionary person

Aug 20th

Joseph Camp

I love Jordan Peterson and his interviews, but if I have only one issue, it's that he interrupts so much- just cuts people off dead mid-sentence. I don't know if it's because the thought enters his mind and he wants to get it in the air before he loses it, but it strikes me as in the very least impolite and sometimes rude.

Aug 19th
Reply (3)

Danielle Kennedy

App - uh - latch - uh. A little pronunciation help from your friendly resident hillbilly. :)

Aug 19th
Reply (1)

Facts Don't Care About Your Feelings

Wait, so Jordan Peterson's daughter is writing a book on bitcoin and she doesn't even own any? LOL, what the hell? 😂 Well, she is right about the gist of BTC at least, it is a revolutionary new form of currency, as it cannot be shut down or censored, and your money cannot be confiscated by a bank or government, as they have no control over it.

Aug 19th
Reply (1)

Adam Cook


Aug 18th
Reply (1)
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Jamil Jivani: Activist & Author

Jamil Jivani: Activist & Author