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Jane Roberts  - Seth On Telepathy

Jane Roberts - Seth On Telepathy

Update: 2021-11-17


The term “telepathy” has been used mainly to express what can best be called “thought transference,” without communication through usual methods. Clairvoyance has generally been used to express extrasensory knowledge of future events. But in my experience, the two are so closely related that many times it is difficult to distinguish between them. Nor do the particular terms themselves matter. They only serve to make an artificial distinction in what is basically one ESP function. Since the two designations are in general use, however, we will use them here. There are certain characteristics that seem to be involved with instances of both clairvoyance and telepathy.


Before we discuss some experiments for you to try on your own, let us consider some of these characteristics. Extrasensory perceptions in general seem to occur when the conscious mind is diverted. Conscious concentration is apt to inhibit such phenomena. Telepathy seems to have an emotional basis in many instances. We appear to pick up the thoughts of those with whom we are psychologically close. Probably we cannot will ourselves to transmit or receive a telepathic communication. We can, I believe, allow ourselves to do so. It is important that you become familiar with those parts of the mind through which such communications must come.


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Jane Roberts  - Seth On Telepathy

Jane Roberts - Seth On Telepathy

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