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Jimmy Kimmel: 'Mockery of the Podcast Industry'

Jimmy Kimmel: 'Mockery of the Podcast Industry'

Update: 2019-05-2163


Jimmy Kimmel, radio host, sports guy, multiple award winning writer, producer and host, accomplished voice over actor, legend of the groundbreaking Man Show, screenwriter, host of the highly influential hit late night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live, host of the ESPY's and the Academy Awards, avowed tormentor of Matt Damon, internet sensation, break up revenge artist, self proclaimed three headed dog and football prognosticator. Best known for putting the funny into taboo subjects that rampant political correctness has relegated to untouchable status. He will tell the truth in ways that cannot be dismissed or ignored and so has become a true national resource. He attracts a lot of controversy and makes a lot of people laugh, even when he makes them angry- so he must be doing something right. We're here to enjoy his unique talent and perspective on Phil In The Blanks. More info:

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Adam Pruett

Love Phil, like Jimmy, but blaming Trump and Fox for societal ills is intellectually lazy. They are contributors, for sure, but how did we get to the point of Fox get their audience and Trump standing a chance of being elected, especially considering there were notions of Trump as president extending back into the 1980s?

Aug 7th
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interesting and fun interview.

Jul 21st

Craig Acheson

Jimmy...Ratings on late night talk have all plummeted because the hosts talks politics. Taking the position that the "president is a lunatic" alienates people further. We hear politics ALL DAY. We dont want to hear it before bed.

Jul 8th
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Cassandra Maharrey

Love Jimmy Kimmel 😀

Jun 26th

koby howard

please use uber

Jun 6th

Tammy Weber

I love your podcast Dr. Phil & I used to like Jimmy Kimmel too before he became political on his show! It's sad!

May 29th

Colette Wertman Wampler

I LOVE THE NAME. Phil In The Blank!

May 24th
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Brandon Wilson

fuck Jimmy Kimmel

May 23rd

jamie watson

I have narcolepsy I've actually written the Doctor Phil show to go on cuz I would like to share it's very interesting I get drop attack so if I laugh or get upset I go down I've had 17 concussions in 2 years but anyways the app where you'll find me sleeping is funny sometimes but yet I fell asleep eating on the toilet I did be super careful underneath the dishwasher on the laundry machine on the counter I am just about anywhere you can imagine inside my garage but it's interesting to hear somebody famous have the same issue I do

May 22nd
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Jimmy Kimmel: 'Mockery of the Podcast Industry'

Jimmy Kimmel: 'Mockery of the Podcast Industry'