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Jimmy Lai vs. China

Jimmy Lai vs. China

Update: 2020-09-0338


This episode contains strong language.

Jimmy Lai was born in mainland China but made his fortune in Hong Kong, starting as a sweatshop worker and becoming a clothing tycoon. After the Tiananmen massacre in 1989, he turned his attention to the media, launching publications critical of China’s Communist Party.

“I believe in the media,” he told Austin Ramzy, a Hong Kong reporter for The New York Times. “By delivering information, you’re actually delivering freedom.”

In August, he was arrested under Hong Kong’s new Beijing-sponsored national security law.

Today, we talk to Mr. Lai about his life, his arrest and campaigning for democracy in the face of China’s growing power.

Guests: Austin Ramzy and Tiffany May, who cover Hong Kong for The Times, spoke with Jimmy Lai, a pro-democracy media tycoon and founder of Apple Daily.

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  • In August, Mr. Lai, his two sons and four executives from Apple Daily were arrested under the new national security law. The publication was a target and a test case for the government’s authority over the media.
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Karen Vaillancourt

Thanks for sharing your story, Jimmy! We are listening! Thanks for this important info, we must do all we can to ensure JUSTICE FOR JIMMY! The retribution of the Chinese government is entirely disproportionate, so obviously Wrong... Let freedom ring, for the people as much as the Emperor... the people's true loyalties will always be with the leaders who exemplify and reciprocate their devotion!

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Jimmy Lai vs. China

Jimmy Lai vs. China