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Jo Moffatt: Bringing Brands to Life From the Inside Out

Jo Moffatt: Bringing Brands to Life From the Inside Out

Update: 2022-08-12


Jo Moffatt

Jo Moffatt is the founder of Woodreed, a specialist advertising agency focusing on building and strengthening ties and increasing employee engagement inside organisations through tools, techniques, creativity, and insight from the advertising industry.

As an active volunteer for the Engage for Success movement since its inception, she channels her passion for transforming workplaces into better avenues for productivity by educating brands on employee engagement and co-hosting the Engage for Success radio show.

Her in-depth knowledge of how brands move people, combined with her years of experience on both sides of the marketing fence, make her a visionary and pioneer in both advertising and employee engagement.

Jo joins me today to discuss her two passions and how she discovered an effective way to bring brands to life from the inside out through her unique services. She shares the value of knowing what sets a brand apart from the rest of the competition and capitalising on an organisation’s unique traits to establish a brand identity that both employees and stakeholders will hold dear.

She also provides some invaluable insights on productivity, including her best practices for prioritisation and collaboration, the critical skills and characteristics one must develop, and how social media can be used for self-enrichment and self-improvement.

“The shorthand of your brand is that it is, essentially, a promise to your prospective customers.” –  Jo Moffatt”

This Week on The Power to Live More Podcast:

  • Jo’s two passions, and how Woodreed fuses them to deliver quality service to its clients.

  • How much business has changed in the last 27 years.

  • The pivotal moment when a new team member made her realise where her creative agency’s strengths truly lay and how she steered the organisation in that direction.

  • The concept of employee engagement and why it caught on in the corporate world.

  • The importance of standing up for something and developing a unique identity — and why you can’t be everything for everyone.

  • Why knowing how to effectively deliver an elevator pitch is a crucial skill.

  • How she and her husband work hand in hand in building a successful family life and why she believes there needs to be a clear line between work and home.

  • A simple yet effective “quadrant” technique for determining task urgency and the crucial role it plays in maintaining work-life balance.

  • The nature of how small organisations operate, and why this becomes a challenge when it comes to managing sales channels, maintaining customer relationships, and ensuring that there is always work in the pipeline.

  • The value and impact of cloud technology in making work more efficient and getting over challenging obstacles regarding collaboration.

  • The inherent irony in corporate training for technology adoption and why they’re not always effective.

  • How social media brings joy and takes users on a journey of discovery.

  • How she learned about the “Just Five More” principle by Dan Pink.

  • The Two-Minute rule of productivity.

  • Her “put-into-boxes” technique for handling days when things don’t go right.

  • Why meeting people who challenge her to think about something differently makes her feel that she has “grown a bit.”


Connect with Jo Moffatt:

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Jo Moffatt: Bringing Brands to Life From the Inside Out

Jo Moffatt: Bringing Brands to Life From the Inside Out

Jo Dodds