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Joe Evans | Saint Piran

Joe Evans | Saint Piran

Update: 2019-12-03


In this episode, Greg Trowman interviews the Saint Piran rider Joe Evans. As readers of The British Continental website will know, Joe has been keeping a journal for us, documenting life both on and off the bike this season. 

Before moving to the elite-level Saint Piran team at the beginning of 2018, Joe spent three seasons riding for Madison Genesis. This year, Joe has combined racing with full-time study at the University of Sheffield. 

In the interview, we hear from Joe about how he balances training with studying full-time, why he thinks it’s important for a rider to have more than one string to his bow, and his unexpected love for racing the Tour Series.

Please accept our apologies for the audio quality in the interview. Unfortunately, we had a few technical hiccups, which means there is more background noise than we’d have liked. But please do bear with it, it’s well worth it!

Thank you to A-ten in Sheffield for letting us use their space to record this episode.

Artwork photo: Ewan Thatcher

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Joe Evans | Saint Piran

Joe Evans | Saint Piran

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