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John Lamerton: Prioritising the Immovable Objects

John Lamerton: Prioritising the Immovable Objects

Update: 2022-10-21


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John Lamerton is an entrepreneur, investor, and author of Big Ideas for Small Businesses – a how-to book for business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.

He started his first business in the year 2000 and has launched 60 different companies since then while being a hands-on father to his children. A former civil servant, he currently mentors other entrepreneurs, equipping and guiding them so that they can live the lifestyle they truly desire.

John joins me today to share how he succeeded in his business by prioritising the “immovable objects” – the big tasks – over the “sand and the water”. He shares the importance of discipline, having a plan, and sticking to it. He also explains the professional benefits of following the 80-20 principle, the effective approach he uses when prioritising tasks, and how outsourcing helps you focus on the essential things in your business.

 “Something has got to give – it may just as well be the stuff that doesn’t matter because the alternative to that is you do all the stuff that doesn’t matter, and the big stuff gets away.” – John Lamerton

This Week on the POWER to Live More Podcast:

  • How John learned about internet marketing

  • The three things that drive him to do what he does

  • How successful people “pay” for their success

  • The turning point that led him to have a different life

  • How he earned 150% of his revenue

  • To-Do List versus Could-Do List

  • The significance of “brain-dumping” and how often he does this

  • How he decides which tasks will be his top three priorities

  • What is the “Stuff Hour”

  • Why pen and paper work for him

  • How to determine your hourly rate

  • How he reminds himself to do some self care

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John Lamerton: Prioritising the Immovable Objects

John Lamerton: Prioritising the Immovable Objects

Jo Dodds