DiscoverKFUO Radio News BreakJudge awards Planned Parenthood $13 million
Judge awards Planned Parenthood $13 million

Judge awards Planned Parenthood $13 million

Update: 2020-12-23


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Judge awards Planned Parenthood $13 million

A U.S. District judge with ties to Planned Parenthood has granted the abortion giant more than $13 million in “attorney fees and costs” despite the fact that attorneys are currently working to appeal the ruling, according to Liberty Counsel. Judge William Orrick III’s connection to Planned Parenthood includes helping to open one of the abortion corporation’s facilities. Despite this conflict of interest, he refused to recuse himself from the civil trial of Planned Parenthood v. The Center for Medical Progress (CMP) regarding CMP’s undercover journalism, which exposed the illegal sales of fetal organs and tissues. The $13 million Orrick awarded Planned Parenthood is in addition to the more than $2 million the jury had awarded the corporation after finding for the plaintiff on all counts in the civil case. That ruling came after Orrick instructed the jury not to consider the First Amendment as a defense for CMP and journalists David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt and blocked the jury from watching much of the undercover videos that revealed Planned Parenthood’s unethical and illegal actions. The jury found Daleiden, Merritt and CMP liable in their undercover journalism of Planned Parenthood in 2019, with Orrick determining that the journalists had trespassed when they attended Planned Parenthood events and visited facilities though they were welcomed into those arenas. The verdict was made against CMP even though Planned Parenthood employees admitted that their words in the videos were their own. Notably, Planned Parenthood has never sued CMP for defamation. With this latest move, Orrick appears to be sending a message to silence pro-lifers from continuing to expose the abortion industry for its horrific practices.

Satanic Temple billboards support abortion

The Satanic Temple is back after a failed attempt to overturn Missouri’s abortion laws, promoting its pro-abortion message on billboards. According to the Houston Chronicle, the temple erected billboards in Texas and Florida to raise awareness of its purported abortion “rituals” — and also to claim that pregnancy is dangerous. “Abortions save lives!” The billboard reads in large letters. Underneath, it says, “our religious abortion ritual averts many state restrictions.” The Satanic Temple’s so-called “abortion ritual” seems to have been created less out of actual spiritual fervor and more to skirt pro-life laws. During the rite, a Satanist merely recites personal affirmations in the mirror before and after an abortion procedure.

‘Feliz Navidad’ for the unborn

Singer Jose Feliciano has expressed support for the pro-life movement, declaring that “even if all there is a heartbeat, that’s life.” Feliciano, who's blind and best known for his Christmas song “Feliz Navidad,” described his conversion to the pro-life movement in an interview with the National Catholic Register. “I used to be pro-abortion many, many years ago,” he recalled, “But then when I had my daughter Melissa, I went the other way … when I heard Melissa’s little heartbeat on the monitor, I said, ‘well, wait a minute. Even if all there is a heartbeat, that’s life’.”









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Judge awards Planned Parenthood $13 million

Judge awards Planned Parenthood $13 million