DiscoverMarvel by the MonthJuly 1968 (w/Mark Waid) - "... and Time, the Rushing River..."
July 1968 (w/Mark Waid) - "... and Time, the Rushing River..."

July 1968 (w/Mark Waid) - "... and Time, the Rushing River..."

Update: 2021-03-17


We can't imagine there's someone out there who's interested in this podcast and hasn't heard of Mark Waid, but just in case: he's written just about every major Marvel and Brand Echh character over the course of a 35+ year career in comics. 

He created the Elseworlds imprint for DC Comics, and his and Alex Ross's Kingdom Come continues to be critically and commercially regarded as one of the greatest comics stories ever, nearly 25 years after publication.

At Marvel, he co-created the Age of Apocalypse and Onslaught for the X-universe, succeeded Mark Gruenwald's legendary run on Captain America and stuck the landing, wrote about a hundred issues of Amazing Spider-Man, returned the World's Greatest Comics Magazine to greatness with a three-year run on Fantastic Four, won a bunch of Eisners during his tenure on Daredevil, and so much more, you guys. The guy's Wikipedia page has sub-pages.

He's also the publisher of Humanoids and has written or held executive positions for virtually every comics publisher active in American comics in the last quarter-century. We can't figure out why he spent almost an hour and a half with us either, but we're immensely grateful that he did.

Per our "Recommendations" segment, please be sure to check out Portland's own Karl Kesel's Kickstarter for Impossible 2: Impossible Jones & Holly Daze Team-Up!

Also, everyone on the podcast is a big fan of (and supporter of) The Hero Initiative, which creates a financial safety net for comic creators who may need emergency medical aid, financial support for essentials of life, and an avenue back into paying work. Please check it out and contribute if you're able.

Stories Covered In Detail This Episode:

Fantastic Four #79: “The Mark of the Metazoid” - “A Monster Forever?” - written by Stan Lee, art by Jack Kirby w/Joe Sinnott, ©1968 Marvel Comics

Amazing Spider-Man #65: “The Impossible Escape!” - written by Stan Lee, art by John Romita w/Jim Mooney, ©1968 Marvel Comics

Avengers #56: “Death Be Not Proud!” - written by Roy Thomas, art by John Buscema w/George Klein, ©1968 Marvel Comics

Avengers Annual #2: “... and Time, the Rushing River” - written by Roy Thomas, art by Don Heck and Werner Roth w/Vince Colletta, ©1968 Marvel Comics

Complete List of Comics Published This Month (courtesy of 

Amazing Spider-Man #65, Avengers #56, Avengers Annual #2, Captain Savage and His Leatherneck Raiders #6, Captain America #106, Captain Marvel #6, Daredevil #44, Doctor Strange #173, Fantastic Four #79, Incredible Hulk #108, Incredible Hulk King-Size Special #1, Iron Man #6, Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD #5, Not Brand Echh #10, Sgt. Fury #58, Silver Surfer #2, Sub-Mariner #6, Thor #156, X-Men #48, ©1968 Marvel Comics. 

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July 1968 (w/Mark Waid) - "... and Time, the Rushing River..."

July 1968 (w/Mark Waid) - "... and Time, the Rushing River..."

Mark Waid, Robb Milne, Bryan Stratton