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Just get started: Buying an index

Just get started: Buying an index

Update: 2019-12-241


Halfway through this series and we're only just getting to 'buying your first stock'.

What have we been talking about... The theme of this episode is all about 'just getting started'. In the spirit of this we are introducing the concept of an index. An index is the perfect opportunity to take the indecision out of getting into the market and giving you access to hundreds of great companies all in one easy trade. It is the perfect way to just get started!

In this episode you will learn:

  • What Bryce and Ren would purchase if they were starting their investing journey again

  • What is an index

  • The major index in Australia - ASX 200

  • Major indexes around the world - S&P500, Dow Jones, NASDAQ100, FTSE100, DAX

  • A few indexes that track the whole world

  • Two main ways you can access an index - on market and off market

  • How the ETF has made it easier to access indexes than ever before

  • Other ETFs that track 'baskets of stocks'.

  • How you can invest in 'themes' like biotech, marijuana and space exploration

Head to the Get Started Investing website for more info.

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Just get started: Buying an index

Just get started: Buying an index

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