Discover#JustSaying#JustSaying Episode 33: R.I.P Kevin Samuels
#JustSaying Episode 33: R.I.P Kevin Samuels

#JustSaying Episode 33: R.I.P Kevin Samuels

Update: 2022-06-13


Love him or hate him Kevin Samuels has been one of the most polarizing figures in the black community in the past few years. He was establishing himself on YouTube as an image consultant who focused on helping black men dress better, smell better, and overall do better in life. The channel was growing, but hit seemingly overnight success once he focused his gaze on black women. Once he started critiquing black women and providing the same no nonsense advice, his channel, video clips, and notoriety shot through the roof! This fame and brash but consistent advice did not fair well with the women who only watched clips and not the full episodes. Kevin was labeled a shock jock, a black man that hates black women, and his sexuality was questioned. All irrelevant points for anyone who truly listened to his content. Now in his untimely passing these same people are celebrating his death. This struck a cord with the #JustSaying podcast because whether you agreed or disagreed with his content, his advice, or his tone he did not deserve to have his death celebrated by anyone. Despite who he was he was still a man who was a husband, a father, and cared about by many people. So in this episode we wanted to give Mr. Kevin Samuels a proper send off. As always we appreciate all of the support for the podcast. If you are enjoying the episodes don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe. If we made you laugh at least once don't forget to share. #JustSaying








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#JustSaying Episode 33: R.I.P Kevin Samuels

#JustSaying Episode 33: R.I.P Kevin Samuels

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