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Justin Hollingsworth - A Man On A Mission

Justin Hollingsworth - A Man On A Mission

Update: 2020-10-14


On this episode of Noisy Balls, I spoke with someone who will probably be well known to some of you, especially if you are residing in the UK or you know a little bit about UK vi cricket. My guest this week is Justin Hollingsworth.

Justin is currently studying and working at the University of East Anglia. As a part of his Sports Development course, he is able to work within the UEA Sports team as a sports ambassador.

He is currently the vice captain of the England Visually Impaired cricket team and he certainly takes this role extremely seriously.

Having played for the Warwickshire Visually Impaired Cricket Team prior to the side folding, Justin now captains the Metro side and hopes to be back out on the park next season.

One thing that I certainly did not know is that Justin has a keen passion for throwing the Javelin and hopes to be picked up by GB Para pathway sometime down the track.

I would like to Thank Justin for being such an enjoyable guest on this episode of the show and we wish you the best of luck as you go about fulfilling your dreams.

Noisy Balls is proudly sponsored by the Victorian Blind Cricket Associationand we appreciate the VBCA's support as we bring in a new dawn in blind cricket podcasting.

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Justin Hollingsworth - A Man On A Mission

Justin Hollingsworth - A Man On A Mission

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