KaLynn's #MyTake

KaLynn's #MyTake

Update: 2020-03-11


In today’s episode, we hear from Turning Points Magazine member KaLynn: I was shown a FaceBook post by my mother who was also upset with an event, this event, about a 4th grader who obtained a reading book at his school, which contained foul words and strong descriptions of ladies. The teacher who posted the photo of the words which is in a poem, showed the cover of the book and the Biography of the Author. It was Rex Lee Jim, former Vice President of the Navajo Nation and his book, SAAD LÁ TAH HÓZHÓÓN a collection of Dine Poetry. Understanding why my Elders were upset with why this book is inappropriate for children. The book is suited for a mature audience. I agree it shouldn’t be allowed in the reading list or library at the school, however, there is a deeper conversation that needs to be talked about, about the replies on Facebook: Social Hierarchy: how we expect someone who is of high social status Generational Differences Creative Writing aspect of the poem It’s more than just a child who shouldn’t read this book. It’s that Rex Lee Jin shouldn’t have written the book. Subscribe to the Turning Points Magazine Podcast in Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Pocket Casts and wherever you listen to podcasts! Find these and other links at http://bit.ly/turningpointsmagazinepodcast. Follow us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/asuturningpoint/. The music for today's episode was provided by Christopher Luna and the Sun Devil Drumtie Circle.

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KaLynn's #MyTake

KaLynn's #MyTake