Kaboom (S2E6)

Kaboom (S2E6)

Update: 2021-11-301


Enjoy the Pawnee outdoors with a bang! Today Rob Lowe and Alan Yang watch the 6th episode of season 2. In "Kaboom" the parks department build a playground with help from an exciting organization. In today's episode you'll find out why originally S2E6 had a PSA at the end, the makeup room dance parties, and if Pawnee has such a large body of water!

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Leslie and Ann head to Eagleton as volunteers to help build a playground. The event is organized by a charity called KaBoom, which is headed up by its extremely charismatic leader Keef Slertner, played by Paul Scheer. While they’re there, they bump into Andy, who says he’s volunteering, but is actually just there for the free food. He tells Ann and Leslie that he’s moved out of the pit and is now living with the drummer of his band.



Leslie ends up being so inspired by the Eagleton playground build, that she decides to take matters into her own hands and tries to get the pit filled herself without anyone’s permission. This plan backfires as they try to fill the pit and discover they just dumped a ton of dirt all over Andy and his home - it turns out he never actually moved out after all. He gets injured and is taken to the hospital, where Ann tries to take care of him.  He tells Ann that he believes there’s still a connection and tries to persuade her to choose him over Mark. Ann shuts the conversation down by getting Andy another nurse.



Meanwhile, Leslie’s in hot water. Andy has decided to sue Pawnee for his injury, believing that if he wins the money, he’ll be able to impress Ann and get her back. Leslie says there’s another he will be able to impress Ann. The next day at City Hall, Andy says he will drop the lawsuit if the pit gets filled. The pit gets filled the next day and we see Keef ride off into the sunset on his boat, revealing that KaBoom is actually just an elaborate prank. 

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Kaboom (S2E6)

Kaboom (S2E6)

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