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Katie Mulgrew - The Elizabeth Gaskell House

Katie Mulgrew - The Elizabeth Gaskell House

Update: 2018-06-13


The Tourist Podcast has arrived! Ding Ding!

Your very first Tourist is the fabulous Katie Mulgrew, an award-winning writer and stand-up comedian. Katie and Tourist host Vic Elizabeth Turnbull, visit one of Manchester's best hidden gems, The Elizabeth Gaskell House. The house is named after Elizabeth Gaskell, the successful Victorian author who lived there during the mid 1800's. Lizzie's novels include Cranford, North and South and Mary Barton.

Join Katie and Vic for a travel guide like no other, as they take a step back in time and explore the House and meet the awesome volunteers and staff who help run the recently renovated Victoria mansion, including tales from the Hacienda, the passive aggressive ways of the Victorians, some home truths about Charles Darwin, and which legends of the time were a part of Gaskell's squad.

Elizabeth was very much a bad ass Victorian lady, defying the gendar norms of the time, by balancing the demands of being a mum, a wife, having a job, being superbly creative - whilst at the same time helping those in need as Manchester's industry grew rapidly, alongside horrendous poverty.

The Tourist Podcast is an alternative travel guide, with the funniest people on the planet; offering a no-holds barred tour of the UK's best kept secrets, backstreet dives and some unlikely destinations.

Guests & Location

Katie regularly makes large groups of people laugh, to find out where she's playing next and other stuff about this wonderful lady visit and her twitter is hilarious, give her a follow @katiemulg

The Elizabeth Gaskell House is open 3 days a week, with historic period rooms to explore, a Victorian-style garden, tea room and a jam packed diary full of workshops and events. Find out more at


Written & Produced: Vic Elizabeth Turnbull

Extra music & SFX: and

Voiceover recorded at SSR, Manchester

Artwork: Matthew Butcher @Mattbutcher46

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Katie Mulgrew - The Elizabeth Gaskell House

Katie Mulgrew - The Elizabeth Gaskell House

Vic Elizabeth Turnbull