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Katrina Lost 55 Pounds & Found Her Purpose

Katrina Lost 55 Pounds & Found Her Purpose

Update: 2021-09-23

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Katrina Julia

From fear focus to faith filled from overweight to fitness model from battered and devalued to purity from corporate to calling to time + location freedom from chaos to calm.

I am a lifestyle entrepreneur, brand creator, transformation coach, results generator, videographer, social media + influencer marketing campaign director, and philanthropist.

I am also an athlete, speaker, and host. I help simplify transformation to help people create a life and business they love and give back.


It is possible, transform your life from the inside out, and

create a life you love on your path to limitless potential.

I knows this firsthand, because I am living it myself step

by step, and watching others create it as well.

For years, I struggled with a fear focus in life with

health, wealth, business and ultimately worthiness and

believing in and seeing myself as our creator does.

Like many of us, I never felt like I or anything I did was

good enough.

In my late teens to early 20's, I struggled with an

abusive relationship that literally almost killed me. I

felt such shame, guilt, and judgment towards myself for

so many things I allowed in this relationship that caused

deep pain.

For over 17 years, I had an extremely unstable

relationship with food. I used food as a feast or famine

coping mechanism. I struggled as a yo yo dieter

going even to the extreme of doing liposuction in 2004

(all the weight came back and then some).

For over 15 years, I had an extremely unstable

relationship with finances. I also used money as a feast

or a famine mechanism. I would swing from not having

money to climbing the corporate ladder getting up to 6

figures, generating other 6-8+ figures annually consistently,

while having side hustles and my own money was

in complete chaos and bondage.

You could understand why I had almost given up all hope

of pursuing fully my passion and purpose.

It all literally takes faith like a mustard seed to shift you.

It all started in 2010, the year I moved to Atlanta.

My transformation was triggered by a deepening relationship with our Creator, Spirit, and Son. An amazing love of a redeeming blessing and prayer confirmations, a recommitment to purity to find and create my true self,leaving Corporate America to entrepreneurship,losing over 55 lbs. with Herbalife Nutrition* + Team Edge, the death of a loved one to cancer in 2013,

This led to an awakening in my soul to start asking:

Was I really living my passion and purpose and potential?

What if I could inspire like I always wanted with transformation?

What if nothing was wasted and we could turn pain into purpose?

What if I and we could help countless people create what they loved?

It, and continues to be, putting one foot in front of the other in faith

*Disclaimer average weight loss is .5 to 1lb a week with

healthy active lifestyle.








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Katrina Lost 55 Pounds & Found Her Purpose

Katrina Lost 55 Pounds & Found Her Purpose

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