DiscoverChurch with Jesse Lee PetersonKeep Your Mind with Your Body (Church 11/6/22)
Keep Your Mind with Your Body (Church 11/6/22)

Keep Your Mind with Your Body (Church 11/6/22)

Update: 2022-11-06


Keep your mind in the present. The intellect is double-minded. Satan roams the earth through people. There are no repercussions, but wake-up calls.

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, November 6, 2022: People give their reports on how the Assignment went: Keep your mind where your body is. So quickly people drift into their imaginations and go "unconscious," distracted, forgetting where they are! One field of work even created the term "situational awareness" to remedy this! A young lady even called staying aware "boring"! She wanted to do something else! Jesse (JLP) points out: The intellect is divided. When you're in your head, and not in the present, you are double-minded. When in the present with God, you are of one mind.

JLP goes on to talk about the misery in the world. Famous men Kanye West and Kyrie Irving are having to give up money because people are angry at what they said. How can money solve misery? // Let go of all ideas about yourself. All ideas about God are wrong! // JLP noticed you can attack whites, and it's no problem, but everyone else is off-limits! If it's right or wrong for one, it's the same for all! //

Guilt and shame are fake. God does not judge us. We have a discussion: Are there consequences to our actions? A married woman gives a theoretical scenario of getting drunk and getting another man's phone number, and texting him! Later, Jesse makes the point that there are no repercussions; just wake-up calls. We have never done anything wrong. The wrong we did was the Devil in us because we are all possessed. //

Lastly, Nick reads from James 1: 1-8, about joy in trials, and 13-15, that God does not tempt us. Be still. Endure the pain. The highest form of prayer is to be still and know God. And the greatest sin is to forget. // Jesse closes with a question from the Men's Forum: Do you have anything of value to lose? //

0:00:00 Sun, Nov 6, 2022
0:02:37 Reports: Keep mind with body
0:23:31 "Situational awareness" vs. distractions (music)
0:29:11 Boring! Wanting to do something else
0:39:45 JLP: Intellect divided: Double mind vs. One mind
0:46:32 JLP: Kanye West, Kyrie Irving
0:50:41 All ideas about God are wrong
0:53:56 JLP: Attack whites? No problem!
0:56:08 Guilt/shame are fake: God doesn't judge us.
1:00:41 Q: Consequences to our actions?
1:22:54 JLP: No repercussions, just wake-up calls
1:30:31 James 1: 1-8 Being still. Worship? Cruelty?
1:40:00 James 1: 13-15 Temptation. Helpful meeting?
1:43:57 Do you have anything of value to lose?



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Keep Your Mind with Your Body (Church 11/6/22)

Keep Your Mind with Your Body (Church 11/6/22)

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