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Keeping It Together With WITHIN DESTRUCTION

Keeping It Together With WITHIN DESTRUCTION

Update: 2022-10-03


By Erin Eddy
Slovenian deathcore / slam band Within Destruction have just unleashed their newest album Lotus,
and she’s a monster. Showcasing a new side to the band that reveals their genre-blending bad-
assery, guitarist Howard Fang was keen to share with me how proud they are with this record.
“The band is super stoked about it and it’s where we want to be; we’ve wanted to be here for a long
Branching out from the pathway forged by its contemporary predecessor Yokai, Lotus see’s the band
implementing clean vocals for the first time. The addition of vocal harmonies has taken Within
Destruction to a whole new realm of song composition, and Howard explains how it has made the
writing and recording process more fun and creative for him.
“We definitely wanted huge choruses,” says Howard, “and in order to have huge choruses we felt
like clean vocals are a must because you can’t add two different harmonies with a scream top-line.”
Howard says the new songs have been well received by fans and have added another level of energy
to their live performances. “It feels like the setlist is way more energetic and way more interesting.
We’re all pretty excited to be playing these songs to some new and familiar faces.”
Within Destruction have just hit the road to tour across Europe and the UK and while they are riding
the hype train of Lotus, their next project is never far from their minds, with Howard telling me that
they are a “big picture” band and that writing music comes as naturally as sleeping and breathing.
Have a listen to the full interview to hear more about the new album, what Howard thought about
touring Australia for the first time, collab ambitions and the ultimate question: Would you take the
Red Pill or the Blue Pill?
Lotus is out now via Ultra Heavy Records and is available for streaming on all platforms.








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Keeping It Together With WITHIN DESTRUCTION

Keeping It Together With WITHIN DESTRUCTION

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