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Kitchen Stories - Full Documentary

Kitchen Stories - Full Documentary

Update: 2021-05-21


 Good Day Cork marks World Day of Tea & World Day of Cultural Diversity for Dialogue & Development with the release of an audio documentary -  'Kitchen Stories'.

Our  audio documentary 'Kitchen Stories' showcases the vibrant food culture in Ireland through the stories and experiences of how people cook and eat in their homes. Each of the featured people have a unique cultural identity and it is through exploring this that the listener discovers how many commonalities there are in the way different nationalities prepare, create and enjoy food. 

Kitchen Stories is hosted by food and culture enthusiast Banu Rekha Balaji  who is based in Cork. The documentary features four foodie people who have also made Cork their home. The guests include a newly married Indian-Irish couple, a pastry chef who grew up in France, an Australian frontline worker with Italian roots, and a poet from Zimbabwe who lives in Mallow after having lived in a Direct Provision centre.

‘Kitchen Stories’ is produced and published by Good Day Cork. The documentary has been created with support from MamaBear Foods, Ode to Earth & Orla McAndrew Catering. It was edited by Daniel Clancy with music by Justin Grounds. 

Messages from our host & guests: 
Host Banu Rekha  says, "Kitchen stories is close to my heart. It’s not just food , but also about the nurturing the love and connection that we have with food. Speaking to these wonderful people about their kitchen stories has filled me with a warm fuzzy feeling of comfort - in their memories and narratives."

“You show your love through cooking, for your family and you show how much you love your family with the food that you make” says Occupational Therapist and Australian woman Yvonne Pennisi. 

Nqobizitha Vella novelist & health-worker came from Zimbabwe and first lived in a Direct Provision centre. “I got to know about Ireland when I was in the Direct Provision system. In Direct Provision you have the whole world living in one room.” Nqobizitha says. “Where I used to stay we could cook for ourselves. The problem was buying the food. It’s not all the time that we could afford to cook our own food. But they did sometimes. You get to taste food from Albania, from Nigeria, from the Congo, I learnt a lot”

For French Pastry Chef Christine Girault cooking is about passion. “Food connects you so much. When you cook you don’t need any words. I live, breathe food all the time. When I see food...straight away my creativity takes over and I start to play.”

Rahul & Grainne Sethi recently got married in Cork and are exploring each other’s culture through food and photography. Rahul grew up in Punjab but found a commonality with Irish and Indian culture when he came here. “We use lot of potatoes in our food, the amount of potatoes we use is similar to Irish food, which is nice.”
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Kitchen Stories - Full Documentary

Kitchen Stories - Full Documentary

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