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Knowledge Is Power

Knowledge Is Power

Update: 2019-12-20


My guest Suzy Harris is a seasoned natural health physician and chiropractor…and then some. In this episode, there’s not much we don’t cover with respect to wellness:

  • Applied Kinesiology and how it works

  • Suzy’s dream of creating a multi-disciplinary community healing forum

  • What Suzy has learned about healing over the 20 years she’s been in practice and how her perspective has changed

  • Joe Dispenza’s work regarding how perceptions influence our health

  • Wendy shares the ancient Hawaiian wisdom describing the nature of the self: the soul cluster

  • Importance of encouraging people to investigate possibilities regarding their health for themselves

  • How much stress plays a role in wellness

  • The connection between the beliefs we have and our health

  • Harmonics and frequencies of cells - Energy Genesis light and sound healing chamber

  • Importance of sunlight

  • Blue zones on earth

  • Suffering vs enjoyment

  • Having a spiritual perspective to put suffering into perspective 

  • The perspective of the higher self

  • Wendy proposes the idea that the energetic realm is separate from the realm of consciousness

  • What unplugging from the stress of life does to the body

  • Important self care tips

  • Suzy shares her thoughts regarding why we may be seeing so much cancer

  • Value of having an accountability buddy or as Suzy puts it, an “accountabili-buddy” 

To learn more about Dr Suzy Harris and her practice, please visit her website

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Knowledge Is Power

Knowledge Is Power

Wendy Halley