Krista Mashore - Sell 100+ homes a year

Krista Mashore - Sell 100+ homes a year

Update: 2020-03-23


This week I had the pleasure to spend some time with Krista Mashore with eXp Realty out on the left coast.
Krista has got an awesome story and an undeniable passion for the business.  19 years ago after a career in teaching, Krista got her real estate license and was a part-time agent while her full-time job was a stay at home mom.  After her divorce, Krista found herself in an uncomfortable financial position and had to go full time and make it work.  Make it work she did, selling 69 homes in her first full year!

Since then Krista has gone on to sell 100+ homes a year, totaling over 2000 homes sold.  Krista has been ranked in the top 1% nationally 17 out of those 19 years.  Krista is a coach, speaker, podcast host, and all-around badass!

Krista's Coaching Website has a ton of free resources and content🔥
Find Krista's books on Amazon🔥
Be sure to connect with Krista on Youtube and see all of the awesome content she is putting out on a consistent basis🔥

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Our host Rick Gonzalez is a Realtor with eXp Realty LLC in the NW Florida Panhandle, and Team Leader of the Freeport Insider Home Team.  Rick serves on multiple committees and is currently serving on the board of directors for his local association.  In 2019 Rick was also voted Realtor of the year for his county.  Rick is a US Navy Veteran.  Rick also founded The Freeport Insider, a local community on social media helping to support his small but rapidly growing community.  Rick has also served as the Vice President of his local Freeport Merchants Association helping educate, market and support the local business in his market.  Rick is a Son, Husband to his wonderfully supportive and beautiful wife Katrina, and Father to 3 amazing kids Olivia, Alexzander and Hannah.

You can find Rick online at:

@rick.a.gonzalez and @modernagentpodcast on IG

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Lets talk about Trust!


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Krista Mashore - Sell 100+ homes a year

Krista Mashore - Sell 100+ homes a year

Rick Gonzalez