DiscoverTake a Pause with Varun DuggiralaKubbra Sait on How She Overcame Her Fears
Kubbra Sait on How She Overcame Her Fears

Kubbra Sait on How She Overcame Her Fears

Update: 2022-12-15


In this episode of Take APause, Varun talks to the talented Kubbra Sait as they delve deeper into her life story. The metamorphosis from a shy, anxious kid to the enigmatic woman she is today, is a journey not many people know of. She shares key learnings from her life and why she consciously chooses to step out of her comfort zone. 

Kubbra Sait is an Indian actress, TV host and model who has appeared in films like Sultan and Ready. She became a household name for her performance as Kukoo on the Netflix original show Sacred Games. She recently launched her book ‘Open Book, Not Quite a Memoir’ and has received a lot of praise for it.


(00:00 - 01:06 ) Intro

(01:07 - 03:55 ) Pocket full of sunshine

(03:56 - 09:44 ) Childhood

(09:45 - 13:14 ) Individuality

(13:15 - 14:34 ) Dealing with challenges

(14:35 - 20:54 ) Holding conversations

(20:55 - 23:56 ) Writing challenges

(23:57 - 28:13 ) Embracing opportunities

(28:14 - 31:21 ) Solo travel

(31:22 - 35:25 ) Expressing concern

(35:26 - 40:35 ) Being secure

(40:36 - 43:23 ) About Kukoo

(43:24 - 45:59 ) "I am enough"

(46:00 - 54:14 ) Best advice

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Kubbra Sait on How She Overcame Her Fears

Kubbra Sait on How She Overcame Her Fears

Varun Duggirala