DiscoverOur Hen HouseLEAP into Saving Animals w/ Danielle Hanosh
LEAP into Saving Animals w/ Danielle Hanosh

LEAP into Saving Animals w/ Danielle Hanosh

Update: 2022-04-30


The remarkable Danielle Hanosh joins us on the podcast for a conversation about a revolutionary new program that you will definitely want to hear about. LEAP—short for Leaders for Ethics, Animals, and the Planet—offers high school students humane education, hands-on experience caring for rescued farmed animals, volunteer experience at animal sanctuaries, and scholarship opportunities. Teaching compassion instead of slaughter, LEAP,  teaches students to be thoughtful and deliberate about their choices and encourages them to question the current societal constructs around using animals for food. She also tells us about her life at Blackberry Creek Sanctuary, the animal rescue she co-founded, and how a pig named Sebastian inspired LEAP. 

Danielle is the Executive Director of Blackberry Creek Farm Animal Sanctuary in Colfax, CA, which she founded with her husband, Joshua Hanosh, in 2014. She leads Blackberry Creek's rescue, education and advocacy programs, event planning, fundraising, and community partnerships. Her work includes public education and advocacy for practical solutions to the complex problems arising from animal agriculture, human-caused climate change, overpopulation, animal abuse and neglect, and the current system's impact on mental and physical human health. Her current projects include advocating for more aggressive, inventive veterinary care for traditionally farmed animals who end up in sanctuaries, building the LEAP pilot program, and conducting research for a future non-fiction book focused on anti-speciesism.

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LEAP into Saving Animals w/ Danielle Hanosh

LEAP into Saving Animals w/ Danielle Hanosh

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