DiscoverWork, ActuallyLIFE/ WORK MENTOR: Carolyn Hobdey
LIFE/ WORK MENTOR: Carolyn Hobdey

LIFE/ WORK MENTOR: Carolyn Hobdey

Update: 2021-08-14


This week i had an amazing chat with author and life/ work transformational change coach Carolyn Hobdey. We touch upon lots of different topics including the changing workspace, expectations we place on ourselves in life and work, managing difficult situations, negative beliefs, low self-worth, esteem and shame. And all the twats we meet along the way… as detailed in her book of the same name. Her new book ‘Redefining Selfish’ looks at the mistakes women often make in trying to do everything to feel better about themselves and why this is destructive. 

After struggling for years with her identity, battling low self-worth and unable to find where she was meant to ‘fit’ in the world, what was needed was an extensive reconstruction of mind and body.

Carolyn embarked on a process of deep self-discovery; it led her to leave the corporate world behind and focus instead on helping others to bring about change in their lives.

Her intention is to shine a light into the dark corners where shame, low confidence, unworthiness and sometimes even worse lurks about how we speak to ourselves. By being a role model for uttering the truth about how we feel about ourselves and with the fervent belief that we can change our self-narrative to live a happy life, Carolyn works to share and guide others through the ‘How To’ process that she’s discovered along the way.

Carolyn’s passion is to help people thrive and shine based on her belief that everyone has the right to live the life that’s right for them. A life where our flaws are accepted and then worked upon from a place of positivity and self-kindness.









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LIFE/ WORK MENTOR: Carolyn Hobdey

LIFE/ WORK MENTOR: Carolyn Hobdey