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LIVE: What Happened to Conservatism with Sen. Ted Cruz

LIVE: What Happened to Conservatism with Sen. Ted Cruz

Update: 2019-10-0112


What is conservatism in the era of Trump? During the 2016 primaries, Senator Ted Cruz argued that he alone was the true conservative candidate, consistently attacking Donald Trump as a big government liberal. So what does Sen. Cruz make of the conservatives that rejected him and went on to put Trump in the White House? At The 2019 Texas Tribune Festival, Chris Hayes and Sen. Cruz sat down in The Paramount Theatre in the first stop of the #WITHpod fall tour to talk about all things conservatism. Chris challenged the Texas Senator on foreign policy, climate change, impeachment, and the unfolding Ukraine scandal.

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JRoss Levine

Ted Cruz is a nefarious evil man in the mode of Antonin Scalia... someone who uses his great intellect to twist and deform objectivity and reality to satisfy his ideology. This is the very definition of "rationalization", which represents the use of rational sounding rhetoric, and rational sounding arguments to "prove" an objectively irrational conclusion. His arguments in support of AGW Denialism provide painful evidence of this. He invokes straw man arguments, cherry picking, ad hominem, and red herrings to support his position. If his position were rationally justified, these rhetorical techniques would not be required, and he could simply rely on facts based on scientific evidence. Unbridled use of logical fallacies is one of the telltale signs of denialism in any form, and all forms of denialism are hateful and evil. To me, this raises a profound moral & ethical issues. Ted Cruz's rhetorical style and political positions are immoral not because they are conservative, which I could tolerate and respect, but because they are based on lies and deception, rather than on truth and objectivity. I feel fortunate that my political inclinations lean only slightly in the conservative direction, because if I were conservative enough to call myself such, and if I retained the same moral sensibilities that guide my thinking now, I would despise myself as well as fellow members of the conservative movement for our rank duplicity.

Nov 16th
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Phillip Seeberg

I was never a Cruz fan, but now I am. Very wide body of knowledge.

Oct 10th

Tatyana Noyb

minute 39. Brave brave... I wanted to propose a national broadcast of Bill Nye vs. Ted Cruz, had a hunch to Google it and... I guess it's been going on for years... So in spirit with being unoriginal ill just quote John Oliver, but I promise to listen to the end. "I do not like that man,Ted Cruz. I do not like him in the news. I do not like what he just said..."

Oct 2nd

Amelia Schuler

Interesting conversation. I appreciate both Chris Hayes and Sen. Ted Cruz for having it in the first place. I understand better how the Senator views the political world which informs his positions. while I admire his passion and the way in which he strives to act from a place of reason, the conversation revealed that, like all people, he is not immune to emotional impulses. Perhaps most frustrating is that despite his intelligence and the political power vested in him by his constituents, he is more interested in winning the debate than doing the hard thing: solving problems. This, by the way, is true both ways in varying degrees. He is deliberate about characterizing Climate Change advocates as religious in their fervor, and that all conceivable solutions must be socialistic in nature. This is only partially correct. There are conservative remedies to this problem, too. He doesn't begin to entertain them because he doesn't want to concede that the opposing side may be right that we ought to do something. If we Americans cannot agree that the problem exists, we cannot begin to talk about solutions without half the country walking away from the table. With regard to the impeachment inquiry, he, like many Republican politicians, either can not or will not separate the professed desire of some Democrats to impeach Pres.Trump from the actions of the president. It matters not what the leanings and moral rectitude are of the investigators, whistleblowers, dissenters, and all the rest. He, of all people surely understand, that the evidence must be allowed to speak for itself. Whenever he does this, he is playing at politics.

Oct 1st








LIVE: What Happened to Conservatism with Sen. Ted Cruz

LIVE: What Happened to Conservatism with Sen. Ted Cruz

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