LLMs break the internet

LLMs break the internet

Update: 2023-04-072


This week we’re talking about LLMs with Simon Willison. We can not avoid this topic. Last time it was Stable Diffusion breaking the internet. This time it’s LLMs breaking the internet. Large Language Models, ChatGPT, Bard, Claude, Bing, GitHub Copilot X, Cody…we cover it all.

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Show Notes:

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For the fiscal year 2021, Alphabet (Google’s parent company) reported revenues of $182.5 billion, and the revenue breakdown was as follows:

  • Advertising: $147.5 billion

  • Google Cloud: $14.9 billion

  • Google Play and other sources: $25.1 billion

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(00:00 ) - This week on The Changelog
(01:38 ) - Sponsor: DevCycle
(04:14 ) - Start the show!
(11:18 ) - What is it that you do Simon?
(15:01 ) - ChatGPT plugins speculation
(19:43 ) - All-in on AI
(34:37 ) - Sponsor: Postman
(38:15 ) - LLM silos via plugins
(44:20 ) - Where should someone start with this?
(59:40 ) - What about GitHub Copilot X, Cody, et al
(1:05:23 ) - Can this do personality injection?
(1:14:46 ) - Google's fate?
(1:16:17 ) - ChatGPT has 100M users? Or...?
(1:24:27 ) - How large can LLMs get?
(1:27:52 ) - Apple's secret co-processor
(1:30:27 ) - Apple's answer to AI?
(1:39:37 ) - Final words? More predictions?
(1:40:56 ) - Outro









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LLMs break the internet

LLMs break the internet

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