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LO! And Behold, It's Showtime!

LO! And Behold, It's Showtime!

Update: 2022-06-17


Blending a variety of genres including, but not limited to, sludge, hardcore and black metal, Sydney metal outfit Lo! come with a fearsome reputation.
Not in the way you might expect, but more a reputation built around their intense and captivating live performances that ooze venomous intent with every note struck in anger.
With the touring circuit opening up again, Australia’s premiere metal festival Blacken Open Air is set to return to the annual calendar, with the three day metal feast in the Red Centre of Australia set to decimate the nation from July 29 to August 1.
Lo! are just one of many metal bands making the trek into the unknown, with frontman Sam Dillon stopping in to HEAVY HQ to talk about the show.
"We're very excited,” he enthused. “I would say 10, 10.1... the fact that we get to go to a scene that's so healthy at the moment because of COVID it's forcing everyone to look inward and be patriotic for the right reasons about their scene, but also get to do it under that banner and backdrop of the stars in the red centre and hopefully get to meet a couple of the local elders and see that scene for what it is. I think this is a fantastic opportunity to have a great time and meet some true blue fans."
In the full interview, Sam talks about the other bands on the bill, who he is most looking forward to, the pressures of playing in multiple bands at the festival, survival tips on how to get through, work on the band’s fourth album and what to expect, touring plans and more.








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LO! And Behold, It's Showtime!

LO! And Behold, It's Showtime!

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