DiscoverSober Vibes PodcastLOTE: National Sober Day Event 2022
LOTE: National Sober Day Event 2022

LOTE: National Sober Day Event 2022

Update: 2022-09-22


Episode 107:LOTE: National Sober Day Event 2022

In episode 107 of the Sober Vibes Day podcast, you will listen to the live National Sober Day event held on September 14, 2022.

Courtney Andersen and Kimberly Elledge participate in the Sober Vibes podcast panel hosted by Bryce. Sike also participated in the panel as well. 

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Struggles in Recovery 
  • Why it's important to share your story 
  • How National Sober Day was created 
  • Different perspectives of recovery 
  • Celebrating Sobriety

Thank you to all who participated in the event's virtual side. Next year we will be throwing a bash in Detroit 2023, be on the look for information in the new year.  

Thank you for listening.

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LOTE: National Sober Day Event 2022

LOTE: National Sober Day Event 2022

Courtney Andersen