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Leadership | True Social Change

Leadership | True Social Change

Update: 2021-01-291


In this episode of Inclusion Inc, we talk with Derrin Hill, CEO of Rev Road, and Reddit's Head of Diversity, Inclusion, & Belonging, Christina Shareef. We dive deep into how they successfully lead D&I efforts within the workplace. We also highlight instances where Derrin has gone the extra mile to include those on the outskirts of the company. Derrin introduces the idea of being a "man-bassador" and talks about the need for women to be represented in various fields of work. Christina, an expert in the topic, talks about what it means to become fluent in the language of diversity and inclusion. As a leader, Christina focuses on investing in people and she shares how that's done through hiring, mentorship, and promoting her employees.

4:34 The Value of Diversity and Inclusion
13:39 Where Do We Begin?
22:36 Becoming "Fluent" in the Language of Diversity and Inclusion
31:50 What Does Investing in People Look Like?

"Don't be shy. True social change happens when it catches fire." -Derrin Hill (Rev Road)

Working with us to create this series is a company called RevRoad. RevRoad is a unique blend of accelerator, agency, and venture capital, known as venture services. They work with businesses at any stage of growth to help them scale their efforts. RevRoad provides value to its portfolio companies by giving them an in-house professional team, services, and networking opportunities. Learn more at








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Leadership | True Social Change

Leadership | True Social Change

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