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Leading with the Problem in Your Copy

Leading with the Problem in Your Copy

Update: 2021-07-08


In this episode, I share that when it comes to marketing, it’s important to consider the problem, and lead with the problem.

Hear me talk about:

  • A crucial aspect of creating copy is delivering the right message (2:03 )
  • Basic copywriting formula - PAS (problem, agitation, solution) (4:44 )
  • What is conversion copywriting and why does it exist (5:37 )
  • In order for your business to succeed, you need to understand the market and you need to create copy and messaging that addresses how things work (8:20 )
  • We are motivated to solve a problem because our brains are wired to try and do anything to survive, and this makes us motivated (9:48 )
  • Our copy is a literal reminder for people of the problem they have or the challenge or struggle they may be facing  (12:17 )
  • When you write copy or consider your brand’s message, you have to identify and take into account the problem your ideal client might be facing and find a solution (14:45 )
  • Understanding the state of mind your client is in will help you craft copy that reminds them of the problem and how you can address it (17:04 )
  • How do we identify the base or underlying problem? (18:08 )
  • What are pain points? How do we use pain points in copy as reminders for clients in their daily life (18:53 )
  • Ensure that you are actually providing a solution and not manipulating your clients into thinking you have one (21:50 )
  • Leading with a problem demonstrates to your clients that you have a way to solve their problem (23:57 )

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Leading with the Problem in Your Copy

Leading with the Problem in Your Copy

Ciara Gigleux