DiscoverMarketing Boost SolutionsLeap to Success from Corporate to Freelance | Mat Casner
Leap to Success from Corporate to Freelance | Mat Casner

Leap to Success from Corporate to Freelance | Mat Casner

Update: 2023-06-07


In this episode of the Marketing Boost Solutions, Captain Marco interviews Freelance CEO Mat Casner, founder of freelance design studio, Redlogic Communications, Inc. and  the Purpose To Profit Design Business Summit. Mat helps creative professionals tap their inner potential to plan, launch, and grow a thriving freelance business. Having served hundreds of clients and brands around the world (Aflac, Adidas, And1, Chick-fil-a, FCA) with lifetime client values reaching beyond $1.5M, Mat teaches other freelancers to be CEOs of their business. He helps his clients learn how to scale a sustainable, purposeful and profitable business. Overall, this episode highlights the importance of consistent, intentional action and mindset for taking the leap to success from corporate to freelance.

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Matt Casner's transition to solopreneurship [00:03:24 ] Mat Casner shares his story of leaving the corporate world and transitioning to solopreneurship, including the challenges he faced and the importance of relationships in business.

Early adoption of remote work [00:07:56 ] Mat Casner's early adoption of remote work and leveraging relationships to continue working with clients.

Helping designers and other freelancers [00:08:57 ] Mat Casner's focus on helping designers, copywriters, photographers, and social media people, and anyone with a marketable skill.

The Business Academy [00:12:16 ] Mat Casner's Business Academy, an eight-week coaching program that gives freelancers a solid business foundation and understanding, and a common language and knowledge base.

Positioning Yourself as an Expert [00:16:17 ] Mat Casner talks about the importance of communicating expertise and solving business problems as a freelancer.

Client Snowball Technique [00:20:53 ] Mat Casner shares his four-step process for building a client snowball and getting results for clients to collect testimonials and build trust.

Daily Habits for Business Owners [00:37:40 ] Mat talks about the importance of daily habits and mindset for business owners, and the need for a clear reason  to stay motivated.

The Pebble Principle [00:38:34 ] Mat Casner shares his principle of doing three small business-building activities every day, which he calls the Pebble Principle.

Mindset and Community [00:40:58 ] Mat Casner talks about the importance of mindset and community for freelancers, and how his community helps people connect with others who are dealing with the same issues.

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Leap to Success from Corporate to Freelance | Mat Casner

Leap to Success from Corporate to Freelance | Mat Casner

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