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Learning the BASICs

Learning the BASICs

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Becoming a programmer used to require a Ph.D. and having access to some serious hardware. Then, in 1965, a couple of engineers had a radical idea: make it easier for people to get started.

Beginner languages, like BASIC, burst the doors to coding wide open. Tom Cormen and Denise Dumas recall how BASIC changed everything. Avi Flombaum and Saron share tips on picking a first language in this new era of software development. And we hear from Femi Owolade-Coombes and Robyn Bergeron about how the next generation of coders are getting their start with video games.

Beginner languages give everyone an opportunity to get their foot in the door. And that helps the industry as a whole.

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Pedro Abreu

The problem is abstraction, i didnt hear you mention this. The first languages are getting more distant from what is happening near the metal (sometimes to our benefit or not). All Python and Java is built on C so youre just learning a sort of sophisticated high level API which will be interpeted into C which will then be run time compiled and etc... This just creates an illusion of understanding a system. Like with tools, your first tool can be a chainsaw but if you dont understand how to use an axe your knowledge foundation is just shakey.

Jul 16th
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Learning the BASICs

Learning the BASICs

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