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Learning to Reduce Everyday Pain w/ AJ Evans

Learning to Reduce Everyday Pain w/ AJ Evans

Update: 2019-12-24


We are coming to the end of 2019, and who wouldn’t want to start the new decade pain-free and better functioning? Friend and trainer AJ Evans joins my husband Craig Zielinski and I on this special 3-way live show to provide a double dose of banter and information surrounding getting pain free in your everyday life.

Bridging The Gap Between Healthcare & Wellbeing

Passionate about bridging the gap between healthcare and wellbeing, AJ is here to give an insider look into his life in athletic training and sports medicine rehab and discuss our common shared passion of helping people learn how to help themselves. 

Everything from the role of technology in our modern version of communication to the effects of recovering your muscles post-workout and why you need to move your toes are on the table today for this fun and information filled chat amongst friends. If you are looking to avoid the common mindfulness and introspective mistakes people make at the gym, want to become more aware of your feet or want to stop being mad at your body, this is the episode for you.

What are your feelings around finding the silver lining in your pain and wearing crew socks with sandals? Share your thoughts on today’s episode in the comments on the episode page!


In This Episode

  • Why you can’t be mad at your body if it is broken because you used it (20:37 )
  • Considerations for you to add into your daily movement routine (21:15 )
  • Specific exercises to help you avoid common mistakes and rehab your body (27:35 )
  • Addressing all things feet and the stigma surrounding wearing shoes at the gym (28:50 )
  • Learn why your high heels might be giving you bad posture and a pooch (44:10 )



“People see these injuries and they are like ‘that sucks’, and its like, you decided to participate in sports outside of athletics, you are challenging your body, that is inherent to whatever you are going to do. So you almost need to relish in the fact that you did it because guess what, you are participating.” (16:36 )

“Everything that your body is doing is secondary to what you did to it. Don’t be mad at your body, that’s what happens when you repetitively do the same thing over and over again.” (20:33 )

“Go walk in the sand and see how sore your feet get. But then in the same amount of time, take your hands and start grabbing the sand and see how sore your hands aren’t. We use our hands because they are meant to be used. Our feet are meant to be tactile and move around the world but then we put them in these protective features because everybody is worried about stepping on something.” (34:52 )

“Use your body, enjoy that you are using your body, just because you are hurt it doesn’t mean that you are injured, keep working, love what you do, don’t wear crew socks with sandals and don’t wear shoes.” (53:03 )



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Learning to Reduce Everyday Pain w/ AJ Evans

Learning to Reduce Everyday Pain w/ AJ Evans

Steph Gaudreau