Legal Grounds | Dean Patricia Roberts

Legal Grounds | Dean Patricia Roberts

Update: 2022-04-06


Anyone who has watched an 80’s college-comedy knows that one of the things you never want to have happen is to be called into “The Dean’s Office”...

Now of course, there is PLENTY in those comedies that absolutely DO NOT fly in our world today. But past the obvious misogyny, racism, ect., my conversation this week made me realize the humor of the uptight, ivory-tower-dwelling academic might be aging poorly, too. 

When I was in law school at St. Mary’s, I knew of the Dean, which is to say I knew his name and I knew what he looked like. But I was intimidated by him. 


I honestly don’t know, but I suspect a healthy amount of imposter-syndrome on my part, and a lot of negative-reinforcement on the “barrier” that - back then - was supposed to exist between ‘the academy’ and those who attended it. 

Thankfully, that wall is coming down. And thanks to this week’s guest, I’m happy to report that my alma mater is at the fore of this endeavor. 

Since 2020, Patricia E. Roberts has been the Dean of St. Mary’s Law School in San Antonio. Prior to this, she was the Vice Dean, Roberts was William & Mary Law’s were she oversaw multiple legal clinics that provided pro bono representation to underserved clients in Virginia’s Hampton Roads area. The school’s first in-house clinics, including those specializing in veterans’ benefits, elder law, special education, appellate and Supreme Court litigation, and coastal policy, were created during Dean Robert’s tenure as director.

Her dedication to providing legal resources to underserved communities, as well as her passion for the advancement of legal education, have made Patricia one of the leading voices in legal education. 

Along with multiple other duties, she is also the host of the EdUp networks Legal Education podcast where she discusses innovations in legal education and predictions for its future in conversations with thought leaders and law school deans from across the country.  

Patrica and I talk about the future of legal education, our own law school experiences, the struggles (and victories!) of the pandemic, and why everyone deserves representation. 

Enjoy the show!  









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Legal Grounds | Dean Patricia Roberts

Legal Grounds | Dean Patricia Roberts

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