Legal Grounds | Josh Miles

Legal Grounds | Josh Miles

Update: 2022-03-30


In the history of The Bassett Firm, we have only ever run one advertisement. It was in the bulletin of the St. Joseph’s Catholic Church of Waxahachie, and I don’t even think it counts as a proper “ad”. 

It was a simple notice that - if someone was in a legal bind - our firm would be happy to listen to their issue and point them in the right direction, or, if it was in our wheel-house, do what we could to get their matter resolved. 

Our firm still takes this kind of pro-bono work seriously, and it’s one of the things I’m proud of my team for participating in. After all, you can’t have a mission-statement based on the Good Samaritan if you don’t watch others actively live it.

That’s just one of the nuggets of insight I walked away with after my conversation with this week’s guest, Josh Miles

Josh Miles is a brand-obsessed Chief Marketing Officer, keynote speaker, photographer, artist, and podcast host who, after co-founding his own firm, MilesHerdon, pivoted towards a career helping others make their creative obsessions their profession.

Josh was the CMO for SMPS, the only North American organization for marketing and business development professionals in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industries, and currently serves as the CMO for Codelicious, a startup delivering a comprehensive, full-semester computer science curriculum for grades K-12

As a TEDx presenter, Josh speaks coast-to-coast, including hosting the podcasts Obsessed Show and PSM Show.  

He is also the author of Bold Brand 2.0 - How to Leverage Brand Strategy to Reposition, Differentiate and Market your Professional Services Firm, all while sitting on the advisory board of the Purdue University Lamb School of Communication. 


Enjoy the show! 









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Legal Grounds | Josh Miles

Legal Grounds | Josh Miles

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