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Less Codependency, More Radiance

Less Codependency, More Radiance

Update: 2023-03-29


Soul Amplified is stepping into a new journey!  I have been feeling unaligned with my focus on teaching codependency, and knew I was being called somewhere else.  It was a long journey to find it.  I now know it is Radiance, and helping call in Divine Feminine for the women and feminine's of the world. 

What does Radiance mean to me?
It means flowing, being personally empowered, standing true to yourself, connecting to and believing your divine downloads and intuition.  It means being in your Divine Feminine.

Codependency as a topic is not going away from Soul Amplified.  It is moving from lead singer to back up singer.  It is necessary, as the codependency concept is vital for some to unravel as they move into their Radiance.

Knowing I'm now calling myself a Radiance Coach has helped me to plan the rest of the year.  Here is what is coming.  There are no links for anything yet, I'm not even that far!
Spring Spirit Bundle--starting in April
A collection of services from me: a coaching call, a tarot card reading, an energy healing session and a conversation with your soul.  valued at $650, selling for $500.
The Radiance Recipe--starting in June
A virtual group container where you'll experience ceremony, teaching and flow.  We'll meet for 3 months.  A waitlist for this is coming Mid April.
One Day Retreat--August
I hope we're going back to the Yurt!  This will be a divine feminine focused retreat.  I don't have any details yet, but I know I'm excited!  I'll also be creating a waitlist for this.  Look for more deets later!

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Less Codependency, More Radiance

Less Codependency, More Radiance

Vanessa Grace