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Let’s Talk Episode 6 | Share Your Story

Let’s Talk Episode 6 | Share Your Story

Update: 2020-11-18


As we journey into the holiday season of 2020, many will be carrying a bonus load of grief, disappointment, and unfulfilled dreams--whether they're the gathered fragments of months spent battling and leading through a worldwide pandemic or hurts from losses of long ago. LT guest Kelly Woods knows loss all too well as she lost her mother in a tragic car accident when she was just 13 years old. Take some time to hear her story as she recounts the lifelong grief recovery and the moment she surrendered her pain and resentment to the Lord, once and for all. Kelly highlights the discovery she made as she began to share her story, as well as so many nuggets of hope and truth,  with others.

There's good news:  God is still faithful and has a purpose for the pain.

Let's Talk with Sanctuary, hosted by Bridgette Tomlin, is a podcast for women, specifically women in ministry or leadership. It's our firm belief at Sanctuary that isolation is the Number One tool that the enemy is using to take down women in leadership. Through this platform, Sanctuary's endeavoring to open the conversation with off-limits topics, share some love, laughter, and encouragement, and inspire more authentic conversation among ministry wives.
Kelly Woods, originally from Manassas, Virginia, now resides and serves in ministry with her husband of 32 years, Ron Woods in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. She and Ron met in Bible college, married in January of 1989 and together, they have pastored three church communities in Arkansas, Tennessee and Oklahoma. 

Her greatest joys have centered around her role as mom to her three adult kids---Ryan, Lindsay and Connor. Now adults, all three are married. Kelly is embracing and enjoying this empty nest season and finding God as faithful as ever. 

Kelly has served in music/worship ministries in each of the three churches where they've pastored and also enjoys sharing her testimony of God's faithfulness in her life wherever she goes. She's an introvert who has grown only somewhat comfortable with being in the spotlight but can quickly refuel in the bliss of solitude, traveling, a great meal, an occasional spa day and, most of all, time with Jesus. 

Kelly would love to connect! Find her on IG @kellyewoods and Facebook @Kelly Grizzle Woods

Looking to hear more of Kelly's story? There are so many other layers to take in! Click here for more. 

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Let’s Talk Episode 6 | Share Your Story

Let’s Talk Episode 6 | Share Your Story

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