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Let's Chat... Living with loss

Let's Chat... Living with loss

Update: 2023-02-28


#066. Let’s Chat… about the complexities of living with a wide variety of losses; how we face them, share them, compare them and get through them.
These Let’s Chat… episodes are for me (Claire Sandys) to chat one-on-one with a guest who has experience or expertise in a particular area of loss.

However, in this Let’s Chat… I’m talking to TWO guests for the first time.

Peter Ellis (Loss 32 - Loss of physical abilities after a stroke) has returned with his dear friend, Katrina McNamara. They spend a lot of time chatting about loss and grief, not just because they've experienced it in different ways but also because it was embedded into their professional lives. So when they approached me to see if I'd record an episode with them chatting about loss  - I said a big fat 'yes'! 

Katrina has faced loss through breast cancer, the sudden loss of her husband and shortly afterwards the loss of both parents. Peter has faced complicated grief over his parents, the loss of a career after retirement, and the loss of physical abilities following a stroke he had not long after he retired.

Their very different losses, as well as working in hospice care for children, have led them to have many fascinating chats about loss and grief and they wanted to find a way to share these with others. Especially for those looking for ways through loss and the hope that can be found within it.

Between the three of us we've experienced loss through childlessness, cancer, stroke, bereavement, loss of parents, pets, health, jobs, abilities and much more. We talk about the effects of social media, expectations, the impact others can have on us, comparison between losses, triggers, and helping others in their loss.

There is so much wisdom and experience in this conversation, so we hope it will help you wherever you are on your loss journey.

To read more about Peter’s story and follow his blog visit:

To listen to Peter's full episode (Loss 32 of 101: Loss of physical ability after a stroke):

And with each Let’s Chat… guest I'm building a whole tool shed (metaphorically), of tools to help you face and get through loss. So let’s see what Peter and Katrina add to my g

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Let's Chat... Living with loss

Let's Chat... Living with loss

Claire Sandys, Peter Ellis, Katrina McNamara-Goodger