DiscoverKickin' & Streamin' PodcastLet's Review: Mucho Mucho Amor... & The Old Guard
Let's Review: Mucho Mucho Amor... & The Old Guard

Let's Review: Mucho Mucho Amor... & The Old Guard

Update: 2020-07-21


On this week's episode of Kickin' & Streamin' Podcast, Graham & Jocelyn divide split the podcast in two halves as they discuss 2 Netflix original movies. On the first half, Graham & Jocelyn discuss the documentary film "Mucho Mucho Amor...The Legend of Walter Mercado" a Puerto Rican-born actor and dancer who eventually became one the most famous and beloved astrologers in Latin America and the world. Jocelyn provides a plausible explanation as to why more English-speaking Americans did not seem to know much about Walter Mercado's life story even though for most of his career, he lived and worked in mainland US and had a bilingual following. Jocelyn also said the film was a perfectly fitting love letter and a well deserved tribute to Walter who was a kind, gentle, and almost child-like soul. Graham shared his experience as a child growing up in the Dominican Republic and how many mothers, grandmothers, and entire families were glued to their TV set waiting for Walter Mercado's horoscope segment. Jocelyn & Graham also discuss how Walter's approach to astrology and horoscope was never misleading, or about making money and scamming, but rather through a message of positivism and empowerment. "Mucho Mucho Amor...The Legend of Walter Mercado" is streaming on Netflix.  On the second half of the podcast, Graham & Jocelyn discuss the movie The Old Guard starring Charlize Theron, Kiki Layne, Matthias Schoenaerts & Chiwetel Ejiofor, and a fantastic cast of actors. Jocelyn gave a brief synopsis of the movie and said she found the movie to be highly entertaining and found Charlize Theron to be credible as Andy. Graham and Jocelyn go on to dissect the movie, its cast, and characters, and what makes The Old Guard stand out as a new set of superheroes. Listen to this episode and fell free to add your favorite binge watchable TV series, and tell us why you enjoy watching these series. If you like this episode, please rate us on your podcast player, and subscribe for future episodes. Subscribe to our YouTube channel, follow us on social media on Faceboook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. You can also support the show by becoming a Patron on our Patreon page where you'll become eligible for our exclusive patrons-only contents. Finally, we'd like you to visit our merchandise store on Teespring where you can purchase our beautiful and stylish t-shirts, pullover, and mug.    









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Let's Review: Mucho Mucho Amor... & The Old Guard

Let's Review: Mucho Mucho Amor... & The Old Guard

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