DiscoverLet's Talk with SanctuaryLet's Talk Episode 12 | Parenting in 2021
Let's Talk Episode 12 | Parenting in 2021

Let's Talk Episode 12 | Parenting in 2021

Update: 2021-02-17


Parenting in the 21st century is not for the faint of heart. As we continue on this journey through cultural shifts and pandemic pandemonium, how do we parent effectively and still raise children who are God-fearing, God-pleasing, and God-loving? Our pod-guest Casey Gibbons shares from her very own wealth of experience in intentional parenting as she and her husband Scotty are raising six children while also balancing a vibrant ministry life. Hear the beautiful lessons she is learning each day as every member of their family bears the burden of multiple health complications.

Casey and her husband Scotty have been sustained by God's strength as their family has experienced numerous health issues while homeschooling six children and serving in ministry as national leaders, authors, and pastors. They celebrated their 20th anniversary this year and live in the Oklahoma City area as Lead Pastors at People's Church. Outside of family and ministry, Casey is active in martial arts and is working towards her Black Belt. 

Casey would love to have you join her personal pages on Facebook/Instagram @caseygibbons or on her ministry to moms on the Facebook/Instagram
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Let's Talk Episode 12 | Parenting in 2021

Let's Talk Episode 12 | Parenting in 2021

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