DiscoverLet's Talk with SanctuaryLet's Talk Episode 14 | Ministry + Military
Let's Talk Episode 14 | Ministry + Military

Let's Talk Episode 14 | Ministry + Military

Update: 2021-03-16


Guest Kathy Wampler, co-founder of Abide Retreats in partnership with Dave Roever Evangelistic Association, joins the podcast as she and host Bridgette Tomlin break down the similarities of military wives to ministry wives. So many of their experiences are parallel! You'll thoroughly enjoy the insight Kathy brings regarding this subject, as well as her own experience as a woman launching into preaching ministry.

Let’s talk about how we can support those who are serving in our nation’s military as our nation and the Church find ourselves at a crucial crossroads—in our nation’s history and on the prophetic timeline. Military personnel and their families pay a significant price for the freedoms we still enjoy. How do we connect with military wives? And how can they receive the spiritual support they need?
Kathy Wampler grew up in a pastor’s home and loved every minute being a PK. "All the good times and bad. I wouldn’t change it for anything.  Those experiences also taught me the joy that comes when you know that you know, you are doing what God called you to do." Kathy's highest honor has been the opportunity to work with Dave Roever (Roever Evangelistic Association). "I have learned so much and gained the support and friendship of a great minister of God. What a blessing!"

When Kathy isn't traveling, you’ll find her home, "being boring according to some people. A night on the couch with my hubby, watching an old movie and relaxing…I’ll take it! I’ll cherish it, because…I’m just a simple girl!" She and her husband Dave have been married for 28  years and serve together at Roever Evangelistic Association, as well as travel in preaching and music ministry.

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Instagram: @kwampler
YouTube: Kathy Wampler
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Let's Talk Episode 14 | Ministry + Military

Let's Talk Episode 14 | Ministry + Military

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