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Let's Talk Episode 15 | Top Life Hacks

Let's Talk Episode 15 | Top Life Hacks

Update: 2021-04-06


Let’s have a little fun together, lighten the mood, and learn a few life hacks to lighten the load! We all find ourselves in different seasons, needing more efficient solutions to new dilemmas. Today we want to hear from our Life Hack Expert Richelle Wingo as she provides a few tips for five different categories of everyday life. 
Richelle Wingo is a wife and mother of three. She and her husband Joel are born and raised Oklahoma natives. They have served in a variety of ministry roles over the years including Chi Alpha campus pastors, staff pastors, and leading roles in Assembly of God ministries such as COMPACT Family Services and Teen Challenge. She currently serves as the Children’s Pastor in Stillwater, OK at Calvary Assembly of God where her dad is the pastor. She has served in children’s ministry for 22 years. Outside of the church, she serves as a virtual assistant to 12 clients all across the US and teaches online English classes to kids in China.  In her free time she enjoys time spent with her kids, Ava (12), Emma (8), and Eli (3). She loves finding new and creative ways to do things.
Lindsey Culp, founder and creative director for LC Creative, is actually the engineer and editor of our podcast. But she does so much more than that! And what she brings to the table creatively through the mediums of social media graphics, promotional materials, video production and editing, video announcements, and so much more is affordable and easily accessible to the local church or small business. You’ve probably discovered over the past year and a half that the use of media, professional graphics, and video has become nearly a necessity but the cost of such tools can be astronomical. But LC Creative isn’t like all of those other companies! Her prices are affordable and as a pastor’s daughter herself, she has a heart to help your local church or small business thrive and get the message across in an effective way. Stop by to learn more. 









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Let's Talk Episode 15 | Top Life Hacks

Let's Talk Episode 15 | Top Life Hacks

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