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Let's Talk Episode 5 | Bye Bye Burnout

Let's Talk Episode 5 | Bye Bye Burnout

Update: 2020-11-04


Friends, it doesn't matter who you are--this episode is gonna be a fan favorite. Guest Sheila Harper is one of the most authentic, real human beings you'll ever meet (complete with a sweet southern accent!). She shares from her own experience on the reality in, realization of, and recovery from burnout in leadership and goes so far as to call out the sin of not taking consistent time off. Sheila encourages 21st century leaders with practical and spiritual guidelines for true Sabbath.

Learn more through her bio and online connections below about all that Sheila is doing to break the generational choice of abortion. Her own story of recovery and healing through the power of a relationship with Jesus is life-changing and a must-read for those who are suffering after an abortion, as well as for pastors and community leaders seeking to reach the hurting. Looking to connect with Sheila? Follow her on Instagram @saveone or on Facebook @save one

Sheila Harper has provided a blog series for Sanctuary to be published throughout the month of November 2020. Stop by Sanctuary to take in each incredible and insightful entry of this eye-opening series--Bye, Bye, Burnout.
Sheila Harper is the Founder and President of SaveOne, an international outreach ministry for men, women, and families suffering in silence after an abortion. She holds a Master’s degree in biblical counseling and is the author of 10 books. SaveOne-A Guide to Emotional Healing after Abortion, her first book, has been translated and distributed in 20 languages.

SaveOne, founded in 2000, currently has more than 300 chapters in 25 countries. Sheila has traveled the world speaking on the topic of abortion recovery,  as well as training abortion recovery leaders. She has been featured in many magazines and articles about her work in the abortion recovery field and has appeared on The 700 Club, and most recently had the great honor of being named one of “Huck’s Heroes” on The Mike Huckabee Show.

Sheila and her husband Jack planted Crossroads Church and pastored there for 11 years before working together at SaveOne. After enduring seven years of personal anguish over choosing abortion, she found restoration and forgiveness through Jesus Christ. Sheila has two awesome sons, and now lives in Nashville, TN with her husband, Jack.

You can order the books, or find a chapter near you at
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Let's Talk Episode 5 | Bye Bye Burnout

Let's Talk Episode 5 | Bye Bye Burnout

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