DiscoverLet's Talk with SanctuaryLet's Talk Episode 7 | Marriage + Ministry (Part One)
Let's Talk Episode 7 | Marriage + Ministry (Part One)

Let's Talk Episode 7 | Marriage + Ministry (Part One)

Update: 2020-12-02


Marriage can be complicated, even on the best days. But add ministry or leadership responsibilities to the mix and it becomes its own breed of animal to manage! In Episode 7, Let's Talk host Bridgette Tomlin is joined by her own husband, Chresten, as well as marriage & ministry mentors Jim & Pam King. Together the couples discuss a variety of subjects pertaining to marriage, sharing from their own victories and mistakes, and give practical tools for real-life issues that today's 21st century couples must address in order to go the distance.

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Learn more about Sanctuary founder and Let's Talk host, Bridgette Tomlin, here. Her husband & pod-guest Chresten Tomlin is a full-time evangelist and revivalist and ministers through one-on-one evangelism, preaching, teaching, and singing of God's Word in churches across the nation and around the world.
Jim and Pam King have been in full time ministry since Day One of their marriage together. Their ministry has taken them around the world with Ukraine and Israel as their primary focus.  They have been involved in mobilizing pastors, Bible school students and lay people in various endeavors.  Jim and Pam have lead scores of ministry teams from local churches across America on international crusades and conferences to Russia, Ukraine and China.  Their ministry, Awaking Hope,  has started or sponsored over 300 Bible schools in video format and over 200 new churches in the nations of Ukraine, Russia, Romania, China, Kyrgyzstan and Israel.  

In addition to their overseas ministry, Jim and Pam have been Lead Pastors at Victory City Church in Austin, TX for the last 5 years.  In March of this year, they transitioned the church to their son-in-law and daughter, Eric and Natalie Morris. They also serve as hosts to annual Holy Land Tours to Israel.

Jim and Pam love teaching on marriage and family  as they see this as a great need in the Body of Christ today and especially among ministry couples and families. Ministry can bring challenges even to the strongest of marriages.

After their love and passion for God and each other, their two children and six grandchildren are the loves of their lives.
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Let's Talk Episode 7 | Marriage + Ministry (Part One)

Let's Talk Episode 7 | Marriage + Ministry (Part One)

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