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Let's Talk Men's Health and Prostate Cancer

Let's Talk Men's Health and Prostate Cancer

Update: 2021-07-12


Did you know that black people are 50% more likely to die of cancer than white people? This is not the only shocking statistic surrounding cancer prevalence and treatment. This is why today’s episode of Black Doctors Speak is dedicated to sharing the important information specifically surrounding prostate cancer. There are many misconceptions about prostate cancer, such as the idea that all different types and grades of this cancer are the same. Many people misunderstand the complexities, treatment options and the widespread presence of prostate cancer.

Joining Dr. LeNoir for today’s installment of Black Doctors Speak is a world expert in all types of prostate cancer, Dr. Mack Roach. Dr. Roach is devoted to promoting health equity for all men with prostate cancer, and is currently a professor of Radiation Oncology at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF).

Dr. LeNoir and Dr. Roach delve into the specifics of prostate cancer in this episode, discussing the different medical screenings that are necessary for diagnosis and early intervention, how race impacts the outcomes of prostate cancer patients, and more. Dr. Roach also goes into some of the specifics of the different types of prostate cancer and ideas about why the age suggestions for prostate screenings exist.

Why is prostate cancer more prevalent in black men? Is it due to racism, chronic stress, comorbidities, or is it due to the black community’s reluctance to get routine tests? Hear Dr. Roach and Dr. LeNoir’s thoughts about the reasons for this health disparity on this Black Doctors Speak episode. Dr. LeNoir also goes into some quick COVID-19 updates that you should be aware of at the end of this episode. Stay tuned for future Black Doctors Speak episodes on important health topics.









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Let's Talk Men's Health and Prostate Cancer

Let's Talk Men's Health and Prostate Cancer

Michael LeNoir, MD