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Let's Turn This Year Around

Let's Turn This Year Around

Update: 2020-09-0738


If 2020 was a question, it would be… how the heck do you make the best of a situation when you can’t even understand the situation? 

When we asked Harvard Professor and Atlantic columnist, Arthur Brooks, he said so matter of factly, “You have to be an entrepreneur about your life.” 

And when we asked Ozan Varol, the self-described perpetual dropout (but more importantly the rocket scientist, lawyer, professor, and author behind the book Think Like a Rocket Scientist), he told us the story of why he dropped out of a comfortable, well-paying career in the middle of a pandemic. 

Together, these two brilliant academics help us understand - is now the time to play it safe or take risks? What can we do to make the best of this year? How can we move through this vast uncertainty, and make 2020 a year worth remembering? Or should we just follow Thomas’s lead and ditch this whole year and find some buried treasure?

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Comments (2)

Zion Liddle

I have never gotten into podcast at all whatsoever, but you guys are so empowered and motivating so much that I am now hooked off the first episode. Look forward to future episodes! 🙏🏼♥️

Sep 8th

Mr. Awesome

I am seeking discomfort..

Sep 7th
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Let's Turn This Year Around

Let's Turn This Year Around

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